Welcome to Help for You International Organization!

"Help for you" International organization is engaged in charity function on the territory of Europe and Ukraine.

The idea to collect charity funds has started up on the initiative of non-indifferent people associated by striving to help helpless people.

Our organization facilitates to strengthen the society and contributes in health, creative and intellectual development of the younger generation, helping elderly people, as well as people who for reasons beyond their control had left their place of residence and forced to live in a new place.

Fulfilling noble mission our organization has taken responsibility to combine efforts with those who extend helping hand to helpless people who want to see the world with the eyes of healthy and buoyant man.

  • We help to collect money for medical treatment of children who are in need;
  • We provide cash inflow on the site. All targeted funds are allocated for the purpose intended;
  • We are non-political and non-profit making organization and we do not use donations for the benefit of our own interests;
  • We protect the interests of poor families with many children and we help them.

Following the intended strategy, we achieve goals efficiently building our activity on the principles of transparency and effectiveness.

Our charitable organization builds its activity on two strategic directions:

  • social investments;
  • the programs of sponsorship and traditional charity.

Charitable activity directions are as follows:

  • Children and future;
  • Development of medicine;
  • Help to poor people;
  • Support for disabled people;
  • Sports development;

At present, active help is being fulfilled in Ukraine. Since Ukraine experiences hard times the processes of reforming society have just begun. Therefore, many layers of population are in need of charitable help in this hard time.